Saucy Santana "I Thought Giving Away My Body Was a Big Part of the LGBT Community"

Yesterday, Saucy Santana did a Q&A with fans on Instagram Live. During the Q&A, he revealed that as promiscuous as he seems, he actually is very "sacred" with his body. Santana said that when he lost his virginity at 18 years old, he initially thought being gay was about having sex with the popular boy, niggas in the club, men who no one would think is gay, etc.

"I thought giving away my body was a big part of the LGBT community or the LGBT wave. It took my gay mama and two years of me just dealing with different men, giving my body to men that I don't know their name. Giving my body to men that were married. Giving my body to men that I ended up dating for only two weeks. Fck'n on boys, I probably only dated for 4 months. I discerned that's just not the way I want to live my life or the way I want to carry myself."

Santana explained that he can be a tease and not fck on a nigga. He also stressed that all of the men we have seen him with did NOT fck (minus 2, lol).

I was shocked to hear Santana be so open. Many gay boys are stereotyped as loose, so seeing someone like Santana, who is so flamboyant with a sexual image, referring to his body as sacred goes against so many preconceived notions. I am sure what he said helped some fans who are probably conforming to societal pressures, instead of living the life they want.

I would love to hear Santana tackle this subject in a rap.

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