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Saweetie Talks Cardi Collab, Discovering Nicki Minaj On Limewire, and Not Being Proud Of Past Music


Angela Yee interviewed Saweetie this morning on The Breakfast Club. Besides revealing that she has an intro where she is talking her shit in Tagalog, which has me intrigued, she spoke on the rumored collab with Cardi B.

As most of you know, there was some drama after Saweetie's aunt called out Cardi B for using Saweetie's catchphrase, "I Know Dats Right," on her new single, "UP." Hennessy had her usual meltdown before returning to social media to let everyone know that Saweetie's manager was in talks with Cardi B's

non-existent manager about a collab.

Angela Yee asked Saweetie about people starting rumors that she and Cardi do not get along and talks of them doing a song. Saweetie put her communications degree to work and replied, "Yeah, our teams have definitely been talking. I think we're just kind of waiting for that right record. I think the media just likes to take things out of context, and I'm loving how women artists are starting to realize that sometimes it's the media that creates something that is not there, and I think it just shows mature and it just shows growth among me and my peers to not be affected by what the media says."

I love how Saweetie handled that question, but I'm calling bullshit. There was definitely an issue caused by Cardi's habit of nibbling off other artists and co-opting trends started by Black women.

However, I totally agree with how Saweeti handled it. Even though I know it does not benefit Cardi to get into a beef with someone, who comes off more likable, like Saweetie, it also does not help Saweetie with her album dropping soon.

Also, Saweetie is on Warner Records, the parent company to Cardi's label, Atlantic. The record labels are not going to have their two money-making female rappers fighting. It's better to get a collab going to cool the tension between fans. Not to mention their Migos connection.

I heard that Cardi may do a "UP" remix🤭



To celebrate Women's History Month, Saweetie also sat down with Issa Rae to talk about her upcoming album and her female rap inspirations for Apple Music.

When it comes to inspirations, she talked about Lil Kim, Foxy, Missy, Trina, and Nicki Minaj. She revealed

that she discovered Nicki Minaj on Limewire.

I love how the girls describe listening to Lil Kim or Foxy, etc., because their parents listened to them, but they discovered Nicki Minaj on their own. I think that is why there is a different connection to Nicki vs. the older girls. We found Nicki so she belongs to us type of thing.

Saweetie also told Issa that her album"Pretty Bitch Music" will have more than 17 songs and admitted she was not proud of her past music. She said her friend and fans would tease her and say, "Saweetie just post her projects and go, don't say nothing about it." She explained that she wasn't proud of the body of work she was releasing. With "Pretty Bitch Music," Saweetie told herself that if she wants to be a 1 percenter artist, she will not compromise or experiment because she knows what she likes. From now on, she is going to love everything she drops.

This was a great interview. Lots of gems. Saweetie knows how to sell herself and her music, at least to me. I am excited.


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