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Should Megan Thee Stallion Make A Victim Impact Statement At Tory Lanez's Sentencing?

Will Megan Thee Stallion Give a Victim Impact Statement At Tory Lanez Sentencing.

I did a little Tory Lanez search, and his "bad luck charms" have moved on to figuring out how he can get the least amount of time possible while still holding on to that pipe dream of a winnable appeal.

This brings me to a victim impact statement, which is a written or oral statement made by the victim at sentencing telling the judge how their lives have been affected by the defendant's actions. The victim can also request for the defendant to receive a particular sentencing.

Do you think Megan should provide such a statement (minus sentence recommendation) at Tory Lanez's sentencing on January 27th, 2023?


I say Megan should show Tory the same mercy he showed her. I am an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth type of bitch. Off with his head, I say.


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