Sneak Peek At Megan Thee Stallion's "Cry Baby" Music Video

UPDATE: 1/12 - 11:37 AM PST.

Megan's TikTok was hacked and she did not release this footage....allegedly. When I went to the Twitter link in her bio this is what happened:

Y'all know one of my fave tracks right now is "Cry Baby," so I am excited about this muthafck'n video. Megan posted this sneak peek of the making of the video on TikTok. I am not a huge fan of green screen just because I feel like some directors don't know how to make it look right. Just look at WAP...I-Oops.

I hope this comes out looking smooth.

The song has already spent 5 WEEKS on the Billboard charts and Rolling Stone Charts. This just off being viral on TikTok. When that promo hits, I think this song can be a top #20 at least.

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