I heard Star Brim tried to shade Rah Ali over her miscarriage. This new trend of talking sh*t about women who don't have kids, can't have kids, or had miscarriages is clown sh*t. I am surprised that Star Brim would stoop this low since it contradicts what she said on her podcast.

On "Keeping it Bute," she said while beef'n with some chick, her fans were going at the girl about losing her baby. She claims she cursed her fans out, telling them don't dare talk about her kid. In fact, I thought she was referencing Rah Ali.

What has changed? Was she so embarrassed by being caught in a lie that she felt the need to join her friend in the gutter? Birds of a mutahfckn feather.

I do not know what provoked Star Brim to show her "true colors, " but it reminded me of why she said she got knocked up. She said she wanted a baby because she had "nothing to live for." She hopes her son will keep her level and prevent her from going back to prison. In the excerpt below, she talks about wanting unconditional love.

So, already this baby is burdened with filling whatever hole Star has in her. Now, maybe giving birth will make her truly happy, but what if it does not. We have already seen that her friend is still the same heathen she was before having a child. Star expects her son to fix what her parents, gang, incarceration, and freedom couldn't fix. Look at how she is acting while carrying her son.

Not only that; she posted a message that makes it seem like she will wait until after giving birth to start up again. Damn...already the baby has failed her.


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