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Star Brim is following in the footsteps of her bestie, Cardi B, by using a fake beef to jump start her career. Star Brim recently started a podcast called "Keepin It Bute". She only has two episodes right now and in both shows Nicki Minaj is mentioned and in one she threatens Rah Ali. Then yesterday while on the The Brilliant Idiots Podcast; Star threatens Rah Ali again! Star is on parole.

Star Brim come get your 🤡💩 award👏🏾.

Pssst, Star Brim you are exposing your bestie every time you speak. Cardi B said that security elbowed her and that is how she got that knot you want so bad. Why you so mad at Rah, sis? Ohhhhhh, wait! Rah Ali was working as security for Nicki the night of the Harper's Bazaar party, so maybe Cardi was not lying🤷🏽‍♀️. Security did give her that knot😉

Star Brim and Rah Ali Beef

Also, how is Cardi being bullied when she is the one being caught in lies? How is she being bullied when she tried to attack Nicki, but left with a knot? Also, everyone knew that Cardi had planned to attack Nicki at the VMAs but changed her mind because she was getting her award at the end of the show. This seems like Cardi is the bully. Star you are creating a reason to be upset. This is the Motorsport quarterback line all over again.

Cardi B's bestie Star Brim still threatening Rah Ali.

Star Brim your show is actually good. You have the right voice and personality for a podcast. Don't play yourself for Cardi. Stop acting like she is your child. If you really cared for Cardi, you would try to help her do better. Instead you are exposing her for lying again🤣. Are you Nicki’s friend or Cardi’s friend? I can't tell🤷🏽‍♀️.





Star Brim addressed how she met Bardi. You see she can't keep her story straight. First, she says that Cardi is under her and she was jumped in. Then it was Cardi was already a Blood when she met her. We all know the rumors about Cardi wasn't jumped into the Bloods, it was more like she was humped in. I get her not wanting to reveal certain gang information but she stuttered over questions she was willing to answer. Girrrrrl!


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