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Stefflon Don has teamed up with Pretty Little Things to give out 500 pounds (approx. $600 U.S.) for 10 days straight to the person who has the best talent. Stefflon Don tells fans, "It’s all Fun. So let’s come together as one and get through these difficult moments with a smile."

Today was the first day of this talent show, and WOW did Stefflon Don find a talent. The winner @Niasmithy won for a video of her singing Jhene Aiko's "10K Hours." It was so good that Stefflon Don said she had to follow her. I wish I could follow her too. This sistah's voice is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

I hope QC is not using Stefflon Don to find new talent for them to give 360 deals to.



When I first saw that Stefflon Don was holding an IG talent show, my initial thought was, "How is she

What is QC (known as Quality Control) doing for Stefflon Don? Why is she still failing with her muksic?

presenting a talent show, when she needs to be on one?" But, then I noticed that QC liked the post and remembered she was signed to them. I regularly forget she has a record deal with "No" Quality Control.

Stefflon Don has been with QC since 2017. I figured the point of her signing with that label was to help her break into the U.S. market. I know it's hard to sell a rapper with an accent to U.S. fans, but I don't even associate Stefflon Don with music. When I think of her, I think of exposing season and clown sh*t.


Stefflon Don is not finding success in the U.S. with her music. is QC at fault or is Nicki Minaj sabotaging her?

In May 2018, Stefflon Don posted about being taken off a song due to a request by another artist. What

Stefflon Don is not finding success in the U.S. with her music. is QC at fault or is Nicki Minaj sabotaging her?

upset her the most is that she found out when the song was being promoted without her.

According to Stefflon, a label contacted her, which was being reported as Atlantic, to do a song. She sent in her verse, and everyone loved it. However, another artist on the song heard the verse, went and re-did their lyrics, and then had Steffy removed from the song...OUCH!

What song is she speaking about...the flop GIRLS by Rita Ora, Cardi B, Bebe Rexha, and Charli XCX. That was the song being promoted when Stefflon Don posted her message. That song only has one rapper, so everyone concluded she was talking about fellow QC artist, Cardi B. Ole Girl never denied it was her, which is customary for her to do.

We have to remember that Steffy joined QC before Ole Girl. So, there was probably a little "bitches is my son" going on with Cardi. How would it look to be out rapped by the only other solo female artist on your team, who is also more attractive? Even though the song flopped and had controversy surrounding the portrayal of lesbian relationships, this would have been away for American fans to see Stefflon.

I am sure behind the scenes Ole Girl was raising hell with Pee and Coach K. This is probably why later in the year Stefflon Don tried to prove herself by going at the Queen.


It was two years and one knot ago that Stefflon Don decided to insert herself into a situation that did not

Nicki Minaj and Stefflon Don got beef.

concern her. The cowardly lion found the courage to jump into Nicki Minaj's comments while Nicki and Ole girl were beef'n on Twitter. Stefflon Don wrote:

"Ur a big grown woman talking about beating someone's head in??? QUEEN ??? I'm disappointed in you. So many people look up to you, show us better."

Do I believe that Stefflon Don was really "disappointed" in Nicki Minaj? Hell Nah, she was trying to play bulletproof vest because Ole Girl was looking STOOPID for revealing confidential information on social media. But she wasn't done. After crawling out of Nicki's comments, Stefflon Don decided to poke the Barbz and later release a diss track.




Let's not forget this led to the infamous moment when Drake made it clear that it's no longer, "Me and Nicki getting married today / And all you bitches that be hatin can catch the bouquet." A day or two later, Stefflon Don was Instagram "Looking For Love." Who cams his glow worm ass up, Drake. This became a big headline for Steffy. They got their flirt on. Drake invited her to perform at one of his shows because that is his favorite passive-aggressive move after someone takes shots at Nicki Minaj. That is your prize for doing what he was too chicken sh*t to do.

I think Stefflon Don thought going at Nicki Minaj would get her in the good graces of Ole Girl along with getting her some attention from blogs. Plus, with the bonus Drake co-sign, who can you lose. Well, Steffy lost and it makes me wonder...HOW?



Where is the dropping off of bags that QC is famous for when it comes to their artist? Where are the features? Where is that U.S. push? Is Steffy being punished for kicking up dust about that "Girls" song?


Is this just Onika Voodoo doing what it do?


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May 04, 2020

She'll never succeed if she keeps doing shit with ill intent. These silly birds think if they blow out the next bitch candle theirs will shine brighter.


Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith
Apr 27, 2020

Wait a minute I just remembered something stefflon was gonna go on a date wit a YouTuber name karceno but she flaked on him to get wit drake I remember drake was facetiming her and they was flirting right after she just got off from face timing karceno and safaree yea safaree was tryna hook them up but drake pulled her and ghost her ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Apr 26, 2020

Stefflon Don was on IG Live with Mr. Savage AKA J White Did It. They may end up in the studio together. I will say that when J asked about the studio, Steffy did not seem to eager. Some of these girls lack hunger IMO.


Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith
Apr 26, 2020

Exactly drake was doing a lot of snake shit he was even hanging wit Lil Kim but didnt he diss Lil Kim onstage early on in his career its sad how 2018 played out for Nicki I remember how everything went down I stabbed even harder for Nicki cuz I felt like what they not gone do is come for a black queen period and I didn't like how cardi coward ass tried to play Nicki and spin the narrative like Nicki was the artist who was mean to her at some award show that Nicki never went to but they all will get they karma u don't do dirt to people and think ur gonna get away wit it


Not only to add but hanging with young money was not beneficial to where he was going anymore. Nicki catching heat and Wayne dealing with his problems he moved on to the next crew.

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