SukiHana Responds To Cupcakke's "How To Rob" Remix

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Cupcakke had social media buzzing after dropping her viral industry "diss" track where anyone, not named Nicki Minaj, could get it and got it. One of the female rappers mentioned was Sukihana:

Who da fck is this bitch names Suki?

Poppin Up when promoters can't book me.

Since you like to be on ONLYFANs

I'm the only fan at your shows, what's Goodie

Well, Suki did not waste any time responding on Twitter and in a rap. Today, Sukihana dropped a response "diss" track, "Rob Who? Bitch." After releasing the track, Sukihana declared, "Now that's how you clear a bitch."


This is definitely getting fans talking. I personally don't think this "cleared" or "buried" Cupcakke in any way. It was cool, but I believe Suki was holding back, and you can't do that with a rapper like Cupcakke. I pray she is doing a Pusha T, where she wants to see if Cupcakke responds cause she got something ready. There were not enough hard-hitting shots/punchlines in this diss track IMO.

Cupcakke makes you listen to every line because she is always saying some shit. Suki rested too many times, which cause me to feel like the song was dragging on.

UPDATE 12/18

This friendly competition between Cupcakke and Sukihana is missing the "friendly" LOL. Cupcakke did what I knew she would do...RESPOND, what I did not expect was Suki's kids being mentioned. I'm not clutching my pearls, but I am looking at them lol. These two may be taking it back to where things started on "wax" but it did not stay there, and I don't like that.

If we are going to count full rap to full rap, this being round 1....CUPCAKKE WON. Cupcakke came hard and disrespectful. The album cover alone is making me gag...🤢🤮. Her punchlines hit harder and it did not seem like her song was dragging on too long.

It's funny because the reason I tweeted about Suki having 24 hrs to respond is that her line in 'How To Rob" seemed more personal to me. So, it does appear these two are familiar with each other on a more personal level.

UPDATE 12/19

I guess a STAN gave Suki the wrong information about Cupcakke's mother being dead and she ran with it.

This was all in fun. Rapping is a sport and many of these girls should be battled tested for when a real rap beef pops off.

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