Sunday Roundtable Discussion: Do Female Rappers Need STAN-Blogs To Succeed In Today's Hip Hop?

Updated: May 9

Nick Minaj Uses Stan Blogs To Push Lies About Girls Doing Better Than Her Like Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat.

We all know how important it is for female rappers to control their own narratives, and to do that, they need more than a PR agent and their Twitter fingers. In today's social media climate, they need help. In fact, I could argue that the 3 most important things all female rappers need to be successful are:

  1. A Look

  2. A Story

  3. A Blogger, or two or three

With the influx of STAN-blogging, where the only goal is to make up as many lies as possible about your fave's rival(s), these girls can find their careers stalled if they don't fight fire with fire, or should I say Headlines with Headlines.

Cardi B is about to drop her sophomore album, and things are not like they were 4 years ago. When Cardi B first dropped, she had all the blogs and DJs in her Birkin bag. She got all the positive headlines while her rival, Nicki Minaj, was dragged hourly.

Now Nicki and her fans have taken a page out of Cardi's book. Nicki Minaj clearly has built or bought a relationship with blogs, and her fans have become a well-oiled propaganda machine. They may not be able to unite around Nicki's music, but they sure can unite around a good lie about Cardi B, Megan Thee

Stallion, and any other girl they feel is doing better than their Queen.

Besides these Barbra/Nicki Minaj-leaning content creators having a loud presence on Youtube, IG, Stationhead, TikTok, Twitter, and Clubhouse, some Barbras have taken it upon themselves to become a one-person narrative machine. I have been in southern/Houston Hip Hop rooms, female rap rooms, and old head Hip Hop rooms, and there have been Barbras...well, I should say this one particular Barbra in these rooms spreading his pro-Nicki/Anti-Megan bullshit. This muthafcka travels from sea to shining sea with those damn talking points😂.

Well, Bardi Gang sees that things have changed, and bloggers/DJs aren't as loyal as they were 4 years ago. They are looking SPOOKED and NERVOUS, and that is why you see them now trying to build a presence on different platforms before Cardi B drops.

Even popular IG blogger, ItsKenBarbie, is taking his talents to Youtube. He stated that "Youtubers gaslight and use their platforms to peddle narratives against Cardi...That's why #KenBarbieTv is entering the chat."

So, if Cardi B's fans feel the pressure to get their narrative machines going, shouldn't the other STAN-bases?

Megan Thee Stallion is already being attacked, and it will only get worse once her album drops. I have heard mumblings about the City Girls since they made up with Nicki Minaj. So, those are two acts that we know are dropping albums, and I do not see their fans doing anything to prepare for the upcoming smear campaigns.

So, my question on this Mother's Day Sunday is:

Do Female Rappers Need STAN-Blogs To Succeed In Today's Hip Hop?

This won't prevent a flop, but it can prevent a sabotage...


Updated: 5/9 at 12:32 PM PST

KenBarbie saw my post and wanted to clear one thing up. He is not a "stan blog, " but he will be using his platform to defend his friend.


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