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SZA Says She Hates Her Label After Finding Out "Good Days" Drops Off Billboard Hot 100

UPDATED: May 26th at 9:08 AM PST

SZA clarified that Punch is her manager, not a "machine" or label. She is asking people to be nice to him. She is upset at her own choices.

She has herself to blame for people thinking she talking about Punch because when she was specifically asked about him in the past, she described their relationship as very hostile.

I support Top Dawg and Punch as a label and management company. I hope SZA finds happiness in her situation.



SZA is mad at her label...again. After a fan page reported, "Good Days" dropped off Billboard's Hot 100 this week, she responded with, "I really hate my label. So much."

This is not SZA's first time publicly calling out Top Dawg Ent. Last year, before releasing "Hit Different" with Ty Dolla $ign, she was made fans believe that Punch was stopping her from dropping music. She then interviewed with Apple Music, saying her label always asks her when is she going to drop something new and admits it's her anxiety that prevents her from releasing music. This all after people started the #FreeSZA hashtag. So, I am cautious about these types of posts from SZA.


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