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SZA Gets Doja Cat To Open Up About New Album and Place In Hip Hop During V Magazine Interview



SZA interviewed Doja Cat for V Magazine, where she spoke about her upcoming third album Planet Her, if she feels part of the Hip Hop conversation, and other topics.

First off, I must praise SZA for having great interview questions. She really understood the best way to ask a question that allows the artist to give compelling responses.

In the interview, SZA confirmed she will be on Doja Cat's new album, Planet Her. Their song is titled "Kiss Me More," and SZA describes it as a "different strut." When SZA asked Doja how she would describe the album, she first said, it's giving "divine feminine." But then she was more honest and said, "It's giving full, "Fuck these niggas, fuck what people feel about me just cause I'm sexy…" Just all the shit we have to go through." I'm all of a sudden looking forward to the new Doja Cat album🥴.

It's rumored that besides SZA being on the album, it will include French Montana, ASAP Ferg, Megan Thee Stallion, Saweetie, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Young Thug.

It's slated to be released in the summer.




SZA asked Doja Cat if she finds it's a balancing act to keep her Hip Hop fans happy and does she feel part of the Hip Hop conversation. I thought this was an excellent question.

Doja Cat revealed she wanted to be a rapper before she was a singer, but she finds it amazing to sing and create melodies. She found a way to meld the two. However, she gets shit for rapping on her Pop songs, and when those songs do good in a category that it may not match...she said she gets it. She asked SZA, with artists putting genres together, how can she and others be perfectly placed in a category anymore?

I am actually surprised that people give Doja Cat shit for blending genres because the men get praised for it. Drake has complained about not being put in Pop categories because he wants to be a Pop Star.

I think Black artists who genre bend get hurt the most when it comes to getting accolades. Putting them in the wrong category puts those artists at a disadvantage when they are going against those clearly doing a specific genre. I like that "melodic" rap categories have been created. But, Black artists need to be allowed into those Pop categories too.


To find out more of what the two superstars spoke about, CLICK HERE.


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06 mar 2021

I love these pics. I wonder how they were created. I’ll def be listening when the album drops.

Me gusta
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