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The Crown Is Broken In Pieces...

Updated: May 12

Can There Be More Than One Queen Of Rap? The New Queens Are Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B.


The neverending argument...WHO IS THE QUEEN OF RAP?

Yes, we are back at square one! People lost their fck'n minds and attacked Halle Berry after she called Cardi B the "Queen of Hip Hop," while promoting her Netflix movie "Bruised." To put the comment in context, Halle and Cardi B co-produced the soundtrack for the film, so of course, she showered Ole Girl with compliments. However, in this day and age where everyone is looking for "likes," retweets, and content, an opportunity to be performative cannot simply pass by. This got so out of hand that even Jimmy Kimmel asked Halle about the drama, and she did not backtrack; but added, "there's room for more than one Queen, people."

You would think that is where the argument would end, but some people refuse to get in their Delorean, leave 2010, and come "Back to the Future." This "One Crown Rule" not only hurts female rap, but it's outdated. Even Lil Kim, who took part in the iconic Vibe Magazine cover showing multiple Queens of Hip Hop, was never the only queen. She was just the only one obsessed with the title. She was not the most awarded, most lyrical, highest selling, and there are questions about her pen, but she was still considered a "Queen" because of her impact, and she wouldn't shaddup about it.



Just like some struggled to transition from Lil Kim to Nicki Minaj, it seems some of you refuse to be honest about the current landscape of female rap, which is best summed up by this Drake line, "The crown is broken in pieces, but there's more in my possession."

Female rap has a "Big 3" - Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion. So the question shouldn't still be, "Who is the Queen of Rap," but "Which QUEEN currently holds most of the crown in her possession?"

Now, that is a discussion I would like to join.

All 3 are expected to drop next year, and I'll be damned if I am arguing over who is the Queen of Rap when clearly all eyes will be on "The Trifecta." If you try to tell me these three don't watch each other and don't consider the other two their main competition, I'll say you're full of shit.

These are the three shifting the culture within female rap RIGHT NOW, they command the most attention and are the ones the other girls want to knock off or join at the top. And if one of these girls doesn't play their cards right, Doja Cat may snatch their piece of the crown if she ever decides to have a rap era, looking at you, Nicki Minaj.


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