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As many of you know Jay-Z/Roc Nation has entered into a "social justice" and music partnership with the NFL. This partnership includes Jay-Z getting majority ownership in a NFL team, according to TMZ. This will make him the first Black NFL owner. Can't wait to hear him rap about this over and over. I personally don't care that Jay-Z did this deal with the NFL, it's the way he went about getting this deal that bothers me.

First, let me say that I never bought into the Jay-Z social justice rebrand. To me, the rebrand was a reaction to the backlash he got after his response to Harry Belafonte saying he doesn't do enough for social justice. Jay-Z responded by saying, "This may sound arrogant, but my presence is charity". Yes, Jay-Z that comment was arrogant, and may I add narcissistic too.


So, this deal with the NFL did not shock me at all. It fit with who I believed Jay-Z to be all along. An opportunist or as he would say, "I'm not a businessman, I'm a". Did people really think that Jay-Z, Robert Kraft, and Michael Rubin were meeting up just to talk about Meek Mill? Jay-Z took an interest in Meek Mill when he realized he could use Meek's situation to push his social/criminal justice brand, and it was a good cover story as to why he was buddy-buddy with a Trump supporter. Businessmen care about business FIRST and everything else second. Jay-Z used Kaepernick's misfortune as a way to enter the NFL...... POINT, BLANK, PERIOD.


Bryan-Michael Cox went on to Loola.Tv and spoke about how Jay-Z personally called up Jermaine Dupri to ask him not to accept a deal that is similar to one he just accepted with the NFL. Did Jay Z snake Jermaine Dupri out the NFL halftime Super Bowl deal?

What makes Jay-Z shady has hell is that he asked Jermaine Dupri and Travis Scott not to participate in Super Bowl related events LAST YEAR. We now know that Jay-Z was in talks with Roger Goodell for at least a year. So, while he was working on his own partnership with the NFL, he was publicly shaming two other Black men for doing what he was trying to do. Jermaine Dupri & Travis Scott were making business/branding moves. For Jay-Z to try to mess up their business moves by publicly letting it known that he was against their decisions was some sucka sh*t. His pet, Meek Mill, also tweeted about Travis Scott doing the Super Bowl. Now remember that Meek Mill ended up doing a Super Bowl event with Robert Kraft. We all remember Robert Kraft dancing with a Dream Chaser chain on. I had called this out when it happened. So, it's OK for Roc Nation clients to work Super Bowl events but Jermaine Dupri & Travis Scott can't? Jay-Z was really on that light skin privilege sh*t.

Bryan-Michael Cox went on to Loola.Tv and spoke about how Jay-Z personally called up Jermaine Dupri to ask him not to accept a deal that is similar to one he just accepted. Listen below:

Is this how Black Excellence works? Try to stop another brotha from doing what you hope to do. Anyone that does not look at Jay-Z sideways for HOW he went about doing this deal, you are just a STAN. Like I said I don't mind the deal, I mind the way Jay-Z went about getting this deal.

Jay-Z has given the NFL exactly what it wanted: guilt-free access to black audiences, culture, entertainers, and influencers.- Jemele Hill

Jermaine Dupri explained why he was doing the Super Bowl events. Listen to that last statement JD made. Is that not what ended up happening? What is the difference between Jermaine Dupri saying that boycotting doesn't work and Jay-Z saying we have moved past kneeling? Not a damn thang, except one of them was not using the Kaepernick protest as leverage for his own financial gain.

I think Jay-Z wanted the "the culture" to still be down with Kaepernick until his deal was final. If he did not get the deal he wanted, then he was going to kick dust and have "the culture" do his bidding. The NFL would have to deal with another PR hit.




As I was finishing up this piece, I noticed that Hip Hop-N-More posted rapper Freddie Gibbs dissing Colin Kaepernick. So now it's "Fuck Colin Kaepernick". I'm sure white people are having a great laugh. How does supporting Jay-Z lead to attacking Kaepernick? Is this just business as usual for Jay-Z and his STANs?


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