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TikToker ATL Tayh Wants Tory Lanez To Be His Prison Boo

Tory Lanez, now known as Inmate BW0168, is on an extended vacation at the California Correctional Institution after being sentenced to 10 years for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. According to the prison website, Lanez will be eligible for parole at the earliest in September 2029.



So until then, he's got plenty of time to make new friends, and one person who seems eager to connect with Tory Lanez is none other than TikToker and OnlyFans star ATL Tayh who is currently locked himself. ATL Tayh tweeted, 'Bring Him Here Now,' after hearing that Tory was headed to prison...LMAO!

Let me find out someone tries to get a prison transfer...I-Oops.


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