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Tory Lanez Scores His Third FLOP In A Row With Latest Album "Sorry 4 What"

Tory Lanez has a lot to be sorry for as he scores his third FLOP in a row with his latest album, "Sorry 4 What."

The mimic rapper who DJ Akademiks, Lebron James, and Ty Dolla $ign highly promoted could only sell 25K (1K pure sales) in his first week. So I guess running around claiming you are "blackballed" and not getting playlisted as people have to skip over your music on playlists was not effective marketing around this project.

Tory Lanez Flops Again With His Latest Project "Sorry 4 What"

So, you would think Tory Lanez would now focus on his upcoming trial for felony assault. Nope! He wants to distract everyone with news of him executive producing Iggy Azalea's next project.

WTF is Iggy thinking? A guy going to trial for shooting a fellow female rapper is who she wants executive producing her album? A guy mainly known for stealing from other artists is who Iggy wants to head her project.

Is she sprung or what?

Tory Lanez Is Executive Producing Iggy Azealia's Next Album.


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Mind you iggy was supposed to tour with megan back in 2018 lmao I guess she's still mad Holly said no

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Contestando a

Cause megan done outsold and had a better career than her white ass.

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10 oct 2022


and now he has Diddy co-signing him. These dudes are jokes. Flops co-signing flops. What’s new 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Contestando a's cute but she gone need more wow factor if it's gone stick.

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