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Tory Lanez Tells DJ Akademiks: "You Almost Sent Me To Jail" During Clubhouse Conversation

"You almost sent me jail, nigga"


The recording of Tory Lanez confronting DJ Akademiks on Clubhouse is not only audacious but revealing.

Tory Lanez accuses DJ Akademik of almost sending him to jail.

In September, I reported on Akademiks dragging Tory Lanez for accusing him of leaking private conversations to Megan Thee Stallion and her team. According to Akademiks, Tory told him, "You Snaked Me."

Tory Lanez is not specific on which Akademiks' story he felt could have sent him to jail; however, Akademiks did bring up the allegations that he leaked information to Megan. So, their fallout is not about Megan lying; it's about Megan receiving information about whatever Tory was sneaking around doing. Akademiks even said, "You thought I said something to another artist that you supposedly told me because you said they found out."

Now, word on the internet streets was that Megan Thee Stallion decided to identify Tory as the shooter because she found out he was dropping an album full of lies. Again, Tory Lanez provokes Megan to speak, which is why he is up on charges now.

When Akademiks spoke about his falling out with Tory, he made it seem like Megan said something in that Live that Tory and only himself should know. So, whatever scared Tory enough to turn on Akademiks is in that Instagram Live.

We also cannot forget that DJ Akademiks went on Everyday Struggle and said there is a smear campaign going on against Megan Thee Stallion.



It is obvious that Tory Lanez was expecting Akademiks to use his platform to "help him." We said that Tory was putting out stories through bloggers and Youtubers, and every time I turn around, something comes out to prove our suspicions.

It was very audacious for Tory Lanez to confront Akademiks about his reporting on the Megan shooting because:

  1. Akademiks knows where the bodies are buried and can bury Tory

  2. It, again, confirmed that Megan found out shit he was doing. Not him finding out about a Roc Nation conspiracy

If you have seen Akademiks reporting on this incident, he is trying his hardest to prove to Tory Lanez that he can save him, LOL. Why go at Akademiks when he is still looking for an apology over the last accusation? Watching narcissists always leaves me scratching my head.

After listening to this, I am happy none of those clowns stopped Tory from speaking. Please, proceed Tory.


Updated 12/14 10:59 AM PST

DJ Akademiks calls Tory Lanez to speak about the Clubhouse shit. They are back to sucking each others dick. Tory realized he needs AK.


Y'all see how the men will come together under the flag of being toxic. I don't respect how Akademiks reports on women, but I can't argue against his self-preservation approach. He understands he has to protect men with toxic behavior because he is protecting himself. Men understand SELF-PRESERVATION so much better than women.

People tried to get on me for riding for Nicki against niggas like this and now I get it for riding for Megan. At least I am riding for women who were done wrong. AK rides for men because they both have little dicks and soggy balls.

I understand the importance of self-preservation and how a slippery slope works. You allow one woman in a field to be done wrong, then you let'n men know they can do it to others. The men went from Nicki to Megan without blinking an eye. Skipped over Cardi...

A lot of people did not believe me when I said Nicki was being blackballed, so I'll wait for some of y'all to catch up...again.


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Dec 18, 2020

I can't stand Akademiks chipmunk looking ass, but Tory's actions are what's going to send his dumb ass to jail, not AK the teletubbie.

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