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Tory Lanez Wants Fans To Believe He Is Blackballed, But Russ Says No Artist Is Blackballed

While Tory Lanez promotes his latest album by whining about no playlisting, as his songs sit on the most popular playlists on Apple Music, Russ says no artist is blackballed, "If you are famous and NEED playlists in order for people to listen to your music, how real are your fans?"

The problem with Tory is that he is blackballed but not by the industry, by the fans. Before the shooting, he was a B- to C-list artist who was constantly in the news for stealing other people's songs and flows or trying to act gangsta.

Now, he is confused about why people won't separate the man from the music as they do with other artists and mad that DSPs and celebrity co-signs are not helping him.

To the people spreading the lie about how "huge" Tory Lanez was before the shooting, this person on Twitter created an excellent thread on that myth.


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