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Video Leak: Meek Mill and Travis Scott Altercation At Michael Rubin's 4th Of July Party In Hamptons


On July 4th, sometime after getting into a tickling match with James Harden, Meek Mill got into an altercation with none other than Travis Scott at Michael Rubin's 4th of July celebration in the Hamptons.

Page Six was the one who originally broke the story earlier today and claimed there was video. Well, that video has been leaked and per their report; you can hear Meek yelling like a crazy man. In the video, you can hear Meek say, "Don't touch me, bro."

No one knows what the fight was over, but I know Jay Z had to be embarrassed as hell.

If anyone can tell me what Meek says at the end, it's appreciated.


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kbyte prez
kbyte prez
Jul 07, 2021


You would think with all his antics that Jay Z would have cut ties a long time ago but maybe that is just wishful thinking!!!! 😒😒😒


Maybe Meek know some things that Jay Z don't want out in the public, you know he loose with the tongue "cough, cough clubhouse"🤔🤔🤔

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