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Watch JT Twerk To "Said Sum" Remix As Saucy Santana Cheers Her On

JT recently left Twitter because she was tired of all the negative comments being made after the "Said Sum" Remix dropped. Well, she is back on social media tweeting and laughing. Today, she hopped on Instagram Live while riding around with Saucy Santana. You know you can't be no "Debbie Downer" with Santana around, so JT's spirits were definitely up. They were riding around listing to the "Said Sum" Remix and JT even told Saucy Santana to pull over so she could twerk to Yung Miami's verse. What JT did not know was that she was being watched by more than the people on her IG Live...LOL.

I am glad to see JT's spirits are up.


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Sep 21, 2020

This made me smile. Santana is that one friend that'll boost your confidence up, and I love it.

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