The Los Angeles Times reports that authorities got Megan Thee Stallions MEDICAL RECORDS from the

night of the shooting. Before I get into the point of this post, let me say that the authorities jut got her medical records telling me they were not planning on upgrading Tory Lanez's charges. They should have had these records, knowing they needed them for their case. I think because no one was talking, not just Megan but everyone else the police/D.A. just were making the PR move of acting like they were still investigating. However, with all the hoopla created by Tory Lanez's blogs, they may actually start investigating.

Moving on to the Los Angeles Times story. They claim that Megan had SHRAPNEL removed from her left heel on the night of the shooting. For all you people who love to move to another question when you don't get an answer you like, no, they did not speak on the other foot. That does not mean that information is not in the report. This story seemed more focused on the foot she showed on Instagram.

So, what is SHRAPNEL?

Shrapnel refers to the pieces of a bomb, shell, or bullet that has exploded. During wars, many soldiers are treated for shrapnel wounds. When people are injured or killed by bombs, many of them are hurt by flying shrapnelsharp, dangerous shards of metal.

Unless you are military or in the medical field, we do not use the word "Shrapnel"; we say "bullet" for those I know are ready to post something dumb. Yeah, I saw your ass lol.

END OF STORY...now can we just support Black women and stop let[n the "Pick-Me" bitches divide us?

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