Who The Fck Is "Kate Miller?"


Twitter was buzzing after an anonymous account, "Kate Miller," started exposing Nicki Minaj's "tea" all over social media on this Messy Monday. "Kate Miller," who claims to be Nicki Minaj's former assistant until Nicki falsely accused her of stealing, started posting stuff related to Nicki like:

  • Drake Cancelling Young Money Reunion

  • info About Upcoming "Freaky Girl" Music Video

  • Tax Problems

  • Album Release Date And Name

  • Laughing At Megan Being Shot

  • Nicki Using Payola For "Freaky Girl"

  • Papa Bear's Real Name

The information "exposed" straddles between standard STAN shit, stuff Nicki already revealed, and things we will wait and see. All I know is that nothing better be named "Pink Restortion"...LOL.

Nicki Minaj Alleged Former Assistant Exposes Her On Instagram and Twitter - Kate Miller.

Nicki Minaj took to IG Live to address this drama, where she claims that a particular fanbase was plotting to get rid of her, and that is who is behind this anonymous account.

Can we guess who that fanbase is?

I have to say that I am surprised that Nicki Minaj - Queen Ostrich herself, who loves sticking her head in the sand when there is any drama surrounding her, decided to respond to this so quickly.



I just want to know "WHO THE FCK IS "KATE MILLER!" There are so many people saying that Nicki Minaj doing this for promo, and then there is a side that thinks Cardi B is doing this because "Hot Shit" did NOT quite do what her fans said it would, and they're now scared "Freaky Girl" will hit.

So, I just want to know who is behind this account and if this person can be linked to either Nicki Minaj or Cardi B.


These are the screenshots I captured from anonymous "Kate Miller."


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