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Young Thug responds by lecturing Pusha T on how he should handle rap beefs and accidentally disses Drake. Everything he said that Pusha T should do, Drake doesn't do. Young Thug is the one who brought the most attention to Pusha T's verse. He totally took the focus away from Pop Smoke's album because he is trying to prove his loyalty to Drake.


Pusha T has responded to Young Thug's whining over Drake. He reminded Thugga that he was only on the track due to a request made by him and he was the last verse. Soooo, I repeat, Thug is not mad about a "diss," he is mad because it's about Drake. Pusha T did tell Pop Smoke's manager to just remove him off the project to avoid there being any drama around the album.

Pusha T is calling Drake out for being a baby-bitch snitch. I can believe it.


Young Thug and Gunna woke up this morning and felt compelled to disassociate themselves from Pusha T over his Drake diss on the collab track, Paranoia, they did for Pop Smokes' posthumous album, "Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon." The song was left off the album due to a "glitch." On the track, Pusha T raps:

Those empty threats only sound good on your records

If the patois is not followed by a Blocka

It's like Marked for Death Screwface, without the choppa

Let 'em rush the stage when you made like Sinatra

Only to hide the blade flyin' back through LaGuardia

I might even buy a home out in Mississauga

In the verse, Pusha T noted Drake's love of using a Patois accent and the incident where alleged Drake fans threw buckets of ice at him on stage during a show in Toronto. This verse is not a big deal in my eyes. It is no different than Drake going at Kanye for the umpteenth time on "Sicko Mode."


Young Thug posted on his Instagram story, "I don't respect the Pusha T verse on the song with me and Gunna because I don't have nun to do with y'all beef nor does Gunna, and if I knew that was about him I would've made changes on our behalf...this rap sh*t so gay." Gunna reposted this on his Instagram story.

Why would Young Thug, who was labeled as "gay" for wearing a dress on his album cover, be using "gay" in a negative way??? How is a rapper taking shots making rap "gay"? I guess Drake is "gay" cause he is the king of subs. Young Thug came off like a 12-year-old boy in this post.


Now, about his issues with Pusha T dissing Drake. On the one hand, I can see a rapper not wanting to be

part of someone else's beef. He and Gunna have every right to not want to be on a track where someone is being dissed. That could be seen as a co-sign by some. HOW-FCK'N-EVER, that is why you listen to tracks when they are complete. You mean to tell me that Young Thug and Gunna are not big enough to have a final yea or nay on a track they are on?

Reading Young Thug's post, it does appear he did hear Pusha's verse but is now mad that he did not realize it was a diss to Drake. He doesn't have an issue with being on a track where Pusha T disses someone, he just doesn't want that person to be DRAKKKKKE! I did not know Thugga and Gunna were remixing "Pussy Talk?"

Also, I don't like how they dissed Pusha T over something that Hip Hop is built on. Just because they are the auto-tune boys, they shouldn't forget the pillars they stand on. Thugga could have written a post saying they don't want to be in anyone's beef, and it's about the music for them...blah, blah, blah. But, Young Thug decided to make it about Pusha T, the man. So, now Young Thug likes beef??? Who yanked on Thugga's dreads???

Someone call Swizz Beatz...

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