2 Listen Review: Lizzo & Cardi B - "Rumors"

Rumors song review Lizzo and Cardi B


Y'all know how this works. I listen to a song twice and then I give my opinion, which is subject to change at any time🥴.


"Rumors" song review Lizzo and Cardi B


After giving "Rumors," two listens, my overall thought is that "Truth Hurts" is the inspiration, the blueprint, the MUVA of this song. Lizzo has pulled a Drake by recreating one of her old hits and reselling it to fans as a new song. Which is no biggie because it's all smoke and mirrors when it comes to music. However, as I say with Drake, if you're going to resell me a song, at least make sure it's better than the original. Lizzo failed in that aspect because "Truth Hurts" is clearly the superior song.

This doesn't make "Rumors" a bad song, but it does make it a been there done that, and the question is, do fans want to go back and do that again with Lizzo. We will see.


As for Cardi B....it worked. This feature was the total opposite of "Wild Side." Where it felt like Cardi B landed on Normani in that collaboration, she found a nice pocket on "Rumors." Of course, it may have something to with Ole Girl speaking on her fave topic, which is rumors about herself, LOL.

Cardi B raps:

"I ain't poppin', no, that's a machine (Huh?)

/Nobody listens, they buyin' them streams (Hmm)

They even posted on blogs overseas

A lie in a language I can't even read

The fuck do this mean?"

I could be interpreting this all wrong, but when Cardi B ends her verse with "But I'm gonna keep doin' what I wanna do / 'Cause all the rumors are / All the rumors are true, yeah." I felt that was a taunt to her nemesis by saying, what if the rumors are true? What are you gonna do about it, ma? You gonna cry in your raps or on Twitter. She got cheeky on this track.

As for the music video...it's not even worth my time to write about.




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