Cardi B has desperately been trying to go viral after several failed attempts to create any excitement around her music. Once the coronavirus pandemic hit, she went back to what she does best, which is trying to make people laugh at her modern-day minstrel show.

She did have some luck going viral after DJ iMarkkeyz took a clip from her first coronavirus tirade

and created a catchy song simply called "Coronavirus." This is done all the time by DJs, where they take a clip from a celebrity saying something and turn it into a song. But, since Ole Girl is clinging on by a pinky to any relevancy within music, she immediately started looking for her coin and credit after she found out the song was popular on iTunes. However, DJ iMarkkeyz tweeted his plan is to donate the proceeds from the song to help fight the coronavirus. MTV reported that per Ole Girl, "SOME OF THE PROCEEDS" will be donated. It's unclear how much is actually being donated at this time. I doubt the media cares. They are just happy that Ole Girl is tied to something successful that is music-related. The fall-off is real.

After receiving backlash on social media for looking desperate, Cardi B wanted to prove she could go viral

all by herself. So, she uploaded what seemed like daily videos of her ranting about the coronavirus. As the media attempted to make her look like some smart, politically minded rapper, many on social media rolled their eyes, including actor Idris Elba.


So, imagine the laugh I let out when I wake up this morning to see that Ole Girl has gone viral, but not in the way she and her media friends had hoped. Gossip blogs are posting a video of Offset from his weekly gaming show, Offset V. Everybody, where he sits around and plays video games. In the viral clip, as soon as Offset hears Cardi B walking into the room, he expeditiously hides his phone. Cardi B, who loves an audience, walks into the room oblivious to what a fool she looks like in front of his 165K subscribers. After Ole Girl gives a cringe-worthy PSA about streaming the "coronavirus song" and how the money is being donated, she walks out with all the confidence of a dumb bitch. That is when Offset instantly takes out his phone, giggles, and then starts typing something. be a fly on that phone lol.

To find out that the story was first reported by none other than Mob Radio, I died. Cardi B is not having

a good 2020. I know she is getting a fake Cease and desist letter ready for Milagro...BWHAHAHAAHAHA!!! If you are not aware, Ole Girl is not a fan of Mob Radio. I do not think she has ever spoken directly about Mob Radio, but it's evident from past incidents that she has her trolls doing clown sh*t.


Let's talk about Offset and Cardi B. Y'all remember when it was reported that Carmelo Anthony

justified his infidelity by saying that "She(Lala) is married, I'm not?" I think this is the case for Offset and Cardi B. I always thought Offset married Ole Girl because 1) she got knocked-up 2) Offset needed to keep "happy" so that he could make business decisions for her (i.e., change management). Remember that Offset allegedly cheated on Ole Girl while in Africa. Is that why he didn't go with her on her recent trip to Ghana & Nigeria?

The one consistent thing with Offset and Cardi's marriage is the LIES! Remember that even though they were already married, Cardi B acted all surprised when he proposed to her at that concert in Oct. 2017. It was proven they were already married, and Cardi's current mouthpiece, Akademiks, reported that the ring that Offset gave her was not even custom. He had to rush to get the ring for this "performance."