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Alleged Witness Says Takeoff Was Shot By In His Entourage

Witness Claims Someone From Takeoff and Quavo's Entourage Killed Takeoff.


A girl who goes by Saint on Twitter was at the private party when Takeoff was killed, and her account of what happened is troubling.

Saint says Takeoff was not killed over a dice game; however, the problems did start with Quavo being upset over something she described as "small." That is when someone from Quavo and Takeoff's entourage started shooting wildly and hit Takeoff. Then someone else started firing back, and she claims Takeoff was hit again. So, Takeoff may have been killed by "friendly" fire. This will have to be determined by the coroner, but damn!

These niggas are too quick to just start shooting when they are upset. But, when women say it, men don't want to listen. Ok...


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