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Are You Happy With Female Rap Or Is There Still Something Missing?


A discussion was started on Lipstick Alley on whether people are happy with female rap not being focused on one rapper. Some people just wanted to complain about every female rapper. I wish those people would admit they don't like rap and just go to the genre they actually enjoy.

Anywho, some people brought up similar points that I was making in Female Rap Will Not Survive On Hypersexuality Alone.

Lipstick Alley Female Rap Discussion

As one commenter wrote, "The women just need some depth, some meat on the bones." If you read my piece, I talked about the need for more diversity on the commercial level of female rap. Right now, it's hard to argue that Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion are not marketed towards the same demographic. The girls just breaking out like a Mulatto are also trying to get a piece of that same demo.

Doja Cat and Lizzo are bringing some diversity to commercial female rap. But, fans want more.



I think people need to stop thinking that people want "conscious rap." If you really listen to what fans say they want it's more introspective rap. Speaking for myself, I want more "Love Is Blind" by Eve type of rap. You don't have to rap about revolution or world issues, but there is more to being a woman than twerking, Birkin Bags, or taking shots at perceived enemies.

Female rap would do itself a favor by representing that. It's a great look to have Chika nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy.



If labels were smart, they would try to fill in the gap that Lauryn Hill left when she walked away and then was blackballed from the industry. There is a market that is not being catered to within female rap. The first label that puts money behind a girl that is the opposite of what is being pushed will expand the female rap market and dominate it.

Labels are about money, and there is money just sitting out there that no one is touching.


Are you happy with female rap having more girls?


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