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Awkward Moment Battle: Mulatto vs. JT


Two of my faves, Mulatto and JT, were part of awkward moments on Instagram Lives last night. I want y'all to decide which moment was more awkward,


First, Mulatto was on Fat Joe's show. He asked her who are some female rappers who inspired her. She started by speaking on the femcees she heard growing up because of her father, the girls that Fat Joe supports. However, she then slid into how it was Nicki Minaj who made her want to rap. Fat Joe's face had me dying. We all know how Joe feels about Nicki, but I do not think Mulatto was aware of the history, which made it extra funny and awkward to me.

The awkward moment isn't really for Mulatto, it was for Fat Joe.


Second, JT was on IG Live with, City Boy Logan, one of the City Girl's biggest supporters. He told JT he was surprised they hadn't done a song with Nicki Minaj and asked if she had beef with Nicki. We know the City Girls' history of siding with Ole Girl during the beef...blah, blah, blah. They have tried to move past that, but of course, STANs feed off of drama and playing victims. Anyway, things went left when Logan added that he does not see them doing a song with Nicki...AWKWARRRRD! "Ok, Logan"

JT was not happy with how some people tried to turn this into a shady moment. She is right. I watched the entire Live, and it was not shady at all. He is a big fan and was so happy to be on LIve with her. I thought it was really cool of JT to take time out of her day to make his wish come true.

Oh, Logan asking if Yung Miami was mean was also an awkward moment lol.


Which moment was more awkward?


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Mulatto know damn well her daddy wasn't listening to no damn Remy lmao jk. Joe was the more awkward moment.

Jt does love Nicki and the people need to get over it. Its fans who became stans during the "Queen" era that only have a problem with them.

I honestly think JT and Nicki would get along very good. They both love telling people they are Sagittarius lol.

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