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Baby Tate Tells Her Fans That Killumantii Is Her "Opps"

Rappers Baby Tate and Killumantii Beef Over Bad Wigs and Makeup on Twitter and Instagram.


I did not see this female rap beef coming.

Baby Tate went on Twitter and let her fans know that Killumantii is her opps "for being weird."

Quick summary of what I understand...BOOM!

The two MCs had collaborated on a song. When Killumantii showed up to shoot the music video, Baby Tate's hair and make-up team made her look crazy, while they had Baby Tate looking cute. So, Killa asked for a reshoot and was ignored. So, she blocked Baby Tate.

It looks like this "beef" may be old, and it got sparked again because a rap page has the two femcees going against each other in a freestyle battle, and Baby Tate really wants to win 🥴.



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She did look a mess in that video but to block someone over that is completely dumb.


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