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Vlad is obsessed with talking about Nicki Minaj, so he asked Boosie about the Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine collab Trollz. Why is this even still a topic? Anyways, Boosie said he never looked at Nicki Minaj as a Popstar. He always looked at Nicki Minaj as a "ghetto bitch with the power." So after seeing that Nicki was collabing with 6ix9ine he thought, "First of all you don't even know this girl. This girl actually might not have a heart." Ok, Boosie lol



There was more to this interview, that was just a hot mess, but not from Boosie's end. I really wish Nicki Minaj would just eeny meeny miny moe sue one of these YouTubers because they keep pushing it with these narratives/lies. Vlad is obsessed with painting this narrative of Nicki as this person without a "moral compass, " as he does interviews with Adam 22 and Boosie. Adam had allegations against him and Boosie admitted to having grown women have sexual relations with his underage sons and nephews. This is what happens when you are so busy trying to push a narrative based on hate and not really giving a sh*t about the behavior you claim is the problem.


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