Cardi B And Cuban Doll Battle Over Animal Prints And Offset Cheating Rumors???


Let's document this day properly. It is January 8th, and Cardi B has gotten into a Twitter beef with Cuban Doll over allegedly Cuban saying she was not inspired by her and doesn't listen to her music. What is it with the NY female rappers, where they have to be the inspiration to everyone, while never really giving flowers to those who inspired them???

Anyways, I guess this all started when Cuban Doll posted photos from her upcoming video and people felt it looked like WAP. Another music video being compared to WAP...well give Patientce her flowers, LOL. Then it went into Offset cheating...Huh?

I am not going to front, I was busy writing when this all popped off, so I am not sure how this actually started. This is where I need y'all to sound awwwf in the comments. Let me know what is really going on because we all know that Cardi's blogs will be busy tonight, LOL.

What I could capture are below, but not in any type of order.

Also, I see that people are posting videos of Cuban Doll listening to old Cardi B songs,...that doesn't prove anything. We have all listened to or liked a song from a rapper we don't care about. We all know that people can pull up Cardi B being a fan of someone she threw a shoe at....soooo.


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