Cardi B Explains Why She Talks To So Many Blogs And Says She Is The Clout

Cardi B slithered her ass onto Instagram Live to address narratives that may be a little too close to the truth for her. I guess she heard the rumors that she carries some of these blogs around in her Birkin bag and felt the need to clear that up. Cardi B admitted she talks to blogs to get her side of the story out,

which there is nothing wrong with that on the surface. However, when these blogs all report similarly positive stories when it comes to her and negative when it comes to other female rappers that are conceivably her competition, then she shouldn't be shocked when people pick up on the patterns. I'm not going to go over the 2 years we have debunked stories put out by the blogs she loves, "giving her side of the story to...," but we know she has personal, not professional, relationship with these bloggers who believe they are her friends.

Ole Girl also reminds everyone she has the #1 song (what happened to Megan?), and she doesn't have to pull any stunts to sell music because she is the clout...hmmm. This from the woman who got a knot on her head from pulling a stunt. Oh, and she is not doing a "Lemonade" album; she will just have some Lemonade type songs. She is delaying the next single...blah, blah, blah...she needs things to be perfect...blah, blah, blah...she wants to be a billionaire...blah, blah, blah.

Cardi B has every right to defend herself against narratives she believes are false, just like we have every right to call bullsh*t. The problem with Ole Girl is that unlike with 6ix9ine, where the gang told him too much information, I believe that Atlantic keeps her in the dark. That is why she is so bold when she says clown sh*t. With all the talks surrounding contracts, I wonder why she doesn't try to be loud about that. At least it's in her field, unlike politics.

Also, is all this talking to blogs and going on IG Live a sign that her Onlfans flopped?

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