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Cardi B Is Still Pressed Over Doja Cat Comparisons


Cardi B is so Pressed, Pressed, Pressed, Pressed, Pressed!

The Bronx "rapper" taking cues from her STANs, reposted a 1993 photo of Naomi Campbell wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier nude dress that looks similar to her custom Jean Paul Gaultier look she wore while performing at the Chase Sapphire Lounge during Art Basel.

Cardi's post just proves that the Doja Cat comparisons are bothering her. But, she should have just ignored all the talk because, obviously, both artists (and their stylists) were inspired by that 1993 look, but Doja Cat was inspired first. Get over it.

This would not be an issue if Cardi B and her STANs were not constantly trying to take credit for everything the new girls did when clearly their stylists and creative directors have inspirations that date back further than her arrival into Hip Hop.


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