Celina Powell Talks Loving DJ Akademiks and Alleges Rapper Dreamdoll Slept With Him

Celina Powell and Aliza on Danielle Victor's Podcast

Celina Powell and her business partner/best friend Aliza were on Danielle Victor's podcast to talk about their sexapades. At one point in the podcast, Celina Powell spoke on her life's love, DJ Akademiks. She spoke about how DJ Akademiks leads her on by telling her he loves her, but publicly trashes her for his image. She says, "He is so big on his ego and his brand that I think if he ever publicly said, "I'm in love with Celina," everyone would be like, "You just kissed the whole industry." Aliza calls AKademiks a "Humpity Dumpty ass bitch".....Bwhahahahaahaha!

Later in the podcast, Danielle asked Celina if she has beef with Dreamdoll. She said, "Yeah, Fck that bitch!" Celina claims that Dreamdoll fck'd DJ Akademiks, so he would post her on his IG page. She claims she saw the text messages. So, it's some jealousy sh*t. Listen below:

Dreamdoll went on Twitter and responded to Celina and then Celina responded back on Instagram...

We gotta consider the source when it comes to Celina...

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