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City Girl JT Refuses To Allow Twitter To Cancel Her Over Old Tweets

"Everybody wanna CANCEL JT"


Whoever decided they were going to try to get JT of the City Girls canceled by digging up old tweets just wasted a whole lotta time and made her more popular.

It's kind of hard to cancel someone who owns up to their bullshit. JT has a reckless mouth and she is not denying it. She also is a different person and isn't going to allow the new JT to be dragged down by the old one. This comes from someone who did not like JT at all. I never did the #FreeJT shit. Now, she is one of my faves because I have noticed a change in attitude. As she has evolved, so has my attitude towards her.

Here are the tweets that have people laughing more than canceling...


JT's said all her old tweets are in that purse...bwhahahahahaha!!!


I keep telling y'all that the Black female rappers are being targeted. JT was enjoying her birthday, what was the reason to bring up her old tweets? The only reason I can think of was to possibly distract from the mess Ole Girl got herself into last night. This also could be Rolling Ray related. Either way, she ain't going nowhere but on the Billboard charts.


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