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Coi Leray Accuses Latto Of Body Shaming In New Song "Put It On Da Floor"

Coi Leray Accuses Latto Of Body Shaming Her In New Song "Put It On Da Floor." Fans Are Confused By These Accusations Since The Song Addresses Nicki Minaj and Makes No Mention Of Coi's Body.

Last night, Coi Leray stirred the pot on Twitter after she took offense to a line in Latto's latest single, "Put It On Da Floor." The line, "Smokin' on that gas blunt as BIG as Coi Leray," was somehow interpreted as body shaming by the "Players" rapper, as she tweeted, "Latto bye. Here you go talking about my body. Please do not come on here and talk about nobody BODY. Lol like seriously. Out of all things. Lmaooo ya blunt my size? Lmaooo this shit is never-ending."

However, Latto is known for calling herself the "biggest" and frequently uses the term "big" as a reference. So, many were left confused by Coi's reaction, as some suspect she may be capitalizing on the buzz generated by the drama to promote her upcoming music releases.

What makes the timing of this meltdown even more suspicious is that it comes just days after Latto previewed the song at Coachella. Did Coi Leray not feel offended last Sunday?

Let me find out that this is a ploy by Roc Nation...Oops, I mean Republic Records to use Coi Leray as a way to distract from ongoing conversations within Hip-Hop about whether or not Latto was dissing Nicki Minaj? Was she sent out to help her labelmate?



In any case, the controversy has certainly stirred up a conversation on social media, with fans taking sides and questioning Coi's motives.

Whatever the reason behind Coi's reaction, I do not believe Latto's intention was to body shame anyone. It remains to be seen how this drama will play out, but for now, Coi Leray is the only one causing a fuss on Twitter.


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