DaBaby Announce He Is Taking His Live Show Killer Talents To Boosie Bash



Today, DaBaby announced on Aug. 28th he will be performing at Boosie Bash in Baton Rouge, LA. I can guarantee you that the check for performing at Boosie's event is nowhere near what DaBaby was getting at these festivals. Didn't I tell y'all that real cancel culture is a slow drip, not an instant snatching of one's career? Artists look up one day and find they are performing on smaller stages to even smaller crowds...at Boosie Bash.

What makes this a bad look for DaBaby is that he never came out against Boosie's anti-gay comments or attacks against Lil Nas X. Now, after deleting his apology to the LGBTQ community, he aligns himself with Boosie by headlining his music fest. It makes it look like he really may be on some homophobic shit. Is this the hill he wants his career to die on???

This is definitely the year that rappers with too much pride and not enough sense are getting exposed.


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