DaBaby Deletes Apology To LGBTQ Community

dababy deletes apology to LGBTQ+ community


Another day, another DaBaby story...

A day after Kanye West removed the "Nah, Nah, Nah " remix, which featured DaBaby, from DSPs, DaBaby removed his PR apology to the LGBTQ+ community from his IG page.

In the highly criticized apology, DaBaby admitted needing education and guidance on the topic and thanked those who reached out behind the scenes. He even got support from Miley Cyrus, and then all of a sudden, the apology is gone...hmmm.


At this point, DaBaby is a rebel without a cause. People need to understand that he was not canceled for his comments at Rolling Loud. He was canceled for how poorly he handled and continues to handle his response to the backlash. This pity party shit, ain't it, especially after finding out that all he had to do was keep his promise to record an apology video for the festivals.

DaBaby deleted LGBTQ apology from Instagram

*Speculation is Kanye song may end up on Donda album with DaBaby still on it.


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