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Did Pardison Fontaine Message TikTok Blogger After She Dragged His Megan Thee Stallion Diss?

Unsurprisingly, Pardison Fontaine's lackluster diss track aimed at Megan Thee Stallion, titled "Thee Person," got dragged to hell and back. Social media was flooded with hilarious comments and memes mocking Pardison's weak lyrics and questionable motives. One particular commenter compared Pardison to "random man from Atlanta."



In the aftermath of this public humiliation, Pardison seems desperate to salvage whatever is left of his "rap career." So, in a pitiful attempt to win over critics, he allegedly reached out to popular TikToker Thee Essence, who had previously criticized his diss track.

In his DMs to Thee Essence, Pardison attempts to appear unfazed by criticism, complimenting her personality and articulation while simultaneously acknowledging her right to her own opinion. However, his attempts to butter her up backfired spectacularly, as Thee Essence publicly exposed their DMs and further called him out for his actions.


"I watched your are really good at what you do..a lot of personality and aticulate...everyone has their right to their own opinion..but I enjoyed ya vid none the less." - Pardi


The whole situation has become an entertaining source of jokes, with Thee Essence and her listeners mocking Pardison's pathetic attempts to gain favor.

I'd like to know how many other bloggers, especially those led by women, Pardi, has contacted in an attempt to sway their opinion. Inquiring minds over here.

Thee Essence said she plans to speak on Pardi later today, so if I can catch it, I will update y'all.


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