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Did Saweetie Make Quavo Her Sneaky Link While Staying In New York? (UPDATED)

UPDATE 8/26 at 8:31 AM PST

Saweetie claims the story about her and Quavo is on some Pinocchio shit and promoted her Saweetie Meal...I know dats right!

Saweetie denies getting back with Quavo after The Hollywoo Life Reported They Linked Up in New York.


Quavo and Saweetie rumored to be back together in New York


The Hollywood Life is reporting that a music insider exclusively disclosed to them that Saweetie and Quavo were having a sneaky link while both were out in New York. Hmmm...I wonder if "music insider" is code for PR agents???

Per the story, "Quavo has missed Saweetie since they broke up, and he's been asking to see her. Apparently, she gave in because they linked up in NY and have hung out since they're both there at the same time."

Saweetie and Quavo back together

It sounds like Quavo misses all the positive press he was getting while he was with Saweetie. She is out here getting brand deals after brand deals, and he is waiting for Offset to call Cardi B to perform with them. Nigga can't even go to McDonald's anymore, LOL.

All I know is that his sister should feel STOOPID...if this story is true.

Do y'all like Saweetie with Quavo? I think she can do better.


Sidenote: This story could be a distraction from the talk surrounding Saweetie's Summer Jam performance. I saw some of it, and this is the second time she looked like she was in rehearsals. You know how people don't go all out during prac-tice (A.I. voice).

Saweetie has got to stop looking like she is counting her steps. It has to look natural, or she needs to have the girls dance behind her as she walks side to side. I also still feel Saweetie should be a melodic rapper.


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