Today social media was buzzing with news that the City Girls whole album had leaked. There was no due

date announced for their new album, but they had been teasing it was coming. Just yesterday on Everyday Struggle, Lil Yachty, share they were looking for a "proper date."

After the leak, both Yung Miami and JT took to their social media accounts to express how upset they were. JT, in particular, stood out to me because her post seemed to be blaming fans for the leak. I get that she was upset, but it just came off like she was throwing shots at whoever. She even tweeted and deleted, "Fck this Rap sh*t, deadass!"

Now hours later, the City Girls drop a music video for their first single "Jobs," and they have decided to drop the album at midnight. Pee, of No Quality Control, tweets with the album cover, "Tonight <middle finger> The Hackers/Leakers, Haters And Critics. #KeepGoing" Again, did fans leak the album? It could be because I don't trust Pee, that I started wondering if this leak sh*t was their album rollout. I felt like they were all being overdramatic, but it could be because it was their first leak. But, if they are simply making lemonade out of lemons, then you can't fault them for that.

Ok, so the album is dropping at midnight, and JT tweeted that she can't wait for us to hear, "City On Lock," since that song was not leaked. I would be interested if there are major differences between the leaked album and what they drop. I find it hard to believe they can change much only hours after a leak.

The music video for "Jobs" is out, and it features Saucy Santana and his bestie Tyra. Besides Saucy Santana, Yung Miami stands out to me.

I am actually still listening to the album, so I will talk about it later. I am judging them based on their skill level and their past work.

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