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Diddy's Former Bodyguard, Roger Bonds, Is Ready To Tell His Truth Following Cassie's Allegations

Diddy's legal woes continue to mount as his former bodyguard, Roger Bonds, has taken to Instagram to declare his willingness to speak out. This follows the filing of two additional sexual assault lawsuits against the hip-hop mogul, both of which came after Cassie's own industry-shaking accusations were settled outside of court.

With the weight of these allegations bearing down on Diddy, all eyes are now on Bonds to see what he has to say. His insider perspective could prove to be a crucial turning point in the ongoing saga, potentially providing another nail in Diddy's coffin.

Cassie's allegations against Diddy sent shockwaves through the music industry, and the recent lawsuits have only added to the scrutiny surrounding Puffy, Puff Daddy, Love, and Sean Combs. Bonds' decision to speak out could further damage Diddy's reputation and potentially lead to even more legal trouble.

Happy 50 years of Hip Hop!


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