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Are Label Heads Really Sexually Assaulting and Blackmailing Male Artists Into 360 Deals?

Record Label Executives Sexually Harassing Male Artists Into 360 Deals.


On an episode of Math Hoffa's "My Expert Opinion," rapper Smart Guy told a disturbing story about how far record labels are willing to go in order to trap artists:

"As a square, he don't know, so he don't know watch your drink; he don't know. So, now he drinks behind a nigga. He gets drugged. They rape this nigga...they rape this nigga, videotape it, then when he in a meeting and they give him a shitty contract; they play the video of him getting fck'd by like 3 niggas."

No, your ears are not playing tricks on you. Smart Guy is alleging that record executives will use rape, coercion, and blackmail to get artists...Oops, I mean MALE artists, to sign 360 deals.

Label Heads Sexual Assault Artists and Blackmail Them Into 360 Contracts.





Last year, Drew Dixon exposed how dangerous the music industry can be for women, even when we are

Drew Dixon's 'On The Record" Alleges Russell Simmons Raped Her

in executive positions, with her compelling documentary "On The Record." The doc detailed Drew's rape allegations against Hip Hop legend Russell Simmons and gave a voice to other Black women with similar stories.

So, in an industry that often turns a blind eye to sexual assault and that many say is "run by gays," is it too farfetched to consider that male artists would be the preferred prey for some of these predatory label heads?

Now, just to play devil's advocate, could Smart Guy just be running his mouth and trying to stir the pot for attention...yes! He wouldn't be the first nigga to do this and won't be the last. However, his story caught my attention because it sounded similar to a story told by ex-Bad Boy artist Mark Curry. He spoke about executives blackmailing male artists with photos of them in sexually compromising positions.

People will sit around and talk about the shady side of the music industry all day long but the minute it moves past payola, chart manipulation, or owning your masters; the mood turns to loose lips sink ships.

This is the type of dirt that needs to be exposed. No artist should ever be assaulted and blackmailed into signing a record deal.


I want to know what do ya'll think about these allegations. Do you believe this is going on in the music industry, and if so, which current/former label heads do you think used this tactic?


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PAC’s Wifey 🤣
PAC’s Wifey 🤣
Oct 08, 2021

The entertainment industry is sick & full of rapists, pedos & murders 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴


PAC’s Wifey 🤣
PAC’s Wifey 🤣
Oct 08, 2021

Diddy, Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine, Birdman. Lyor always looks sus with Roddy Rich & Young Thug 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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