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Doja Cat's "Demons": A Throwback to Her Earlier Rap Styles with a Darker Twist

Artist: Doja Cat Song: Demons Producer: d.a. got that dope


"I'm a puppet, I'm a sheep, I'm a cash cow, I'm the fastest-growing bitch on all your apps now," is what Doja Cat raps on her new single "Demons," which serves as the third glimpse into her forthcoming rap debut album, "Scarlet."

Produced by d.a. got that dope, "Demons" is a bass-heavy track that takes a darker turn, more in line with the horror and demon-themed imagery she's been using to build anticipation for her album. This shift marks a notable departure from her previous singles like "Attention" and "Paint The Town Red," which seemed focused on retaining her pop fanbase during her genre transition. "Demons" injects the energy that was somewhat missing in those earlier tracks.



Doja Cat shows she does not need a melody to carry an entire song, as she sets aside her singing for a distorted scream that progressively gets more aggressive as she runs through the hook.:

While Doja Cat continues to steer clear of her trademark dynamic, cartoonish rap style, "Demons" offers somewhat of a throwback to her earlier rap cadence as she seamlessly transitions from a sugar-and-spice, everything-nice girly voice in the first verse to a more straightforward, laid-back style in the second. Using juxtaposing flows adds more texture to a song whose content is pretty straight forward - female rapper talking her shit while also taking subtle jabs at her peers and haters.

Kimberly Nicole Foster Speaks On Doja Cat's Rap Allbum Rollout. Similar to Lil Nas X.

On the visual front, the music video heavily leans into demon imagery, which, for me, feels somewhat clichéd and overly Halloween-like. As prominent cultural critic, Kimberly Nicole Foster, pointed out, "Doja Cat's rollout would have been more impactful if Lil Nas X had not already done it 2 years ago." I would have preferred Doja Cat to reimagine the concept of demons or devils, injecting her unique perspective. Nevertheless, her dedicated STANs seem to get excited anytime she puts on some prosthetics and paints herself, which ensures her visuals are a hit with her core audience.

Also, it did not go unnoticed there are baby goats in the video. Doja Cat wants that crown, despite her narrative.

I think "Demons" is the best song so far by rapper Doja Cat, because it is the most interesting.


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