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Drill Queens: Asian Doll vs Katie Got Bandz

Asian Doll and Katie Got Bandz Get Into Twitter Beef and People Say Nicki Minaj Dissed Asian Doll.

It feels like it was just yesterday when everyone was arguing over who hopped on a drill track first: Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. Well, it looks like the battle for drill supremacy in female rap just got messier after the OG of Drill, Katie Got Bandz, tweeted, "I'M SPEECHLESS I WOKE UP TO A MESSAGE FROM @NICKIMINAJ I LOVE QUEEN."

Kate Got Bandz Revealed That Nicki Minaj Hopped In Her DMs. That Started A Drill War With Asian Doll.

Now, allegedly this pissed off the self-proclaimed Queen of Drill, Asian Doll, who started blasting off tweets:

Asia Doll Started Twitter Beef With Katie Got Bandz After The Drill Rapper Revealed That Nicki Minaj DM'd Her On Instagram. Fans Think Nicki Minaj Only Did That  Because Cardi B Showed The Chicago Rapper Loved A Week Before.

Well, then Katie Got Bandz started firing back:

What makes this all messier is that people started claiming that the only reason Nicki messaged Katie was because Cardi B showed love last week when she tweeted, "First bitch I ever seen do drill @KateGotBandz."

Cardi B Shows Love To Chicago Drill Rapper Katie Got Bandz.

Also, people are giving Nicki the side-eye after reading the message she sent Katie that started by noting how the Drill rapper had been DMing her since 2017.

When being socially awkward meets being self-absorbed.

Nicki then sends her love and says she will listen to her tape without ever let'n Katie know why she was trying to DM her in the first place. I know it was not to remind her that she had ignored her for the past 5 years. It's as if Nicki wants to connect or use these female rappers but has no clue how to communicate with them. So she resorts to digging through old DMs, and any female rapper who has messaged her in the last 12 years that she finds useful, she will use that as a reason to talk to them...😂.

Nicki Minaj DM'd Katie Got Bandz. People Think Nicki Minaj Is Trying To Rebrand Her Image And So She Tires To Be Nice To Female Rappers.


This whole situation is crazy, but I will say this. Asian Doll is the only southern girl I want to hear on a drill track. It was cute for the City Girls, but I want regional rap back. I want Cali girls to sound like Cali girls, Florida girls to sound like Florida girls, Chicago girls to sound like Chicago girls. Texas girls to sound like Texas girls, and NY girls to sound like NY girls. I do not want everyone doing Drill or the same sound.

Also, Asian Doll is too sensitive. Katie did not come for her at all. It was all jealousy from what I can see. If I am wrong, please let me know in the comments.


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