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Even With Industry Support, Tory Lanez's "Alone At Prom" Flops With 17K First-Week Sales

The feet of a man who keeps on flopping with or without "industry support."


The numbers are in, the feet are out, and BOTH are small.

While Tory Lanez tried his hardest to mimic The Weeknd's sound on "Alone At Prom," he has failed miserably at mimicking the sales. Chart Data revealed twinkle toes landed at #59 on the Hot 200 charts with sales of 17K. I know, I know...he is "independent." Well, so are other artists who cannot use being on indy labels as excuses.

Oh, but what about him being "blackballed?" Well, 4 months ago, Tory Lanez admitted he is not blackballed, and Joe Budden just declared that "the industry" found out the "truth" about what happened the morning of July 12th when Tory "allegedly" shot Megan Thee Stallion. I mean, isn't that why he has "brand-conscious" artists supporting him now? So, miss me with the excuses.

Tory Lanez Continues To Flop With Low Sales Of Alone At Prom with 17K Sales.

Yesterday, Tory tweeted, "I just wanna thank the umbrellas for never letting these niggas play me." You are correct Tory, niggas and those paid-for umbrellas on Twitter don't PLAY your music unless you're making up stories about your case. Next time, name your album "Kelsey Did It," and just maybe you can at least do "Daystar" numbers.

Just to put into perspective the type of artist Tory Lanez is, was, and will always be; here are the first week sales of his albums:

I Told You = 52K (2016)

Memories Don't Die = 54K (2018)

Love Me Now? = 54K (2018)

Chixtape 5 = 83K (2019)

Daystar = 36K (2020)

Alone At Prom = 17K (2021)

Daystar "Lil Feet" Peterson wants us to believe that he is worth blackmailing just because he owns his masters. I am beginning to think he shot Megan for clout on some 6ix9ine do anything for attention shit.


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