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Highlights From Jennifer Hough's Clubhouse Chat: Letter-Gate, Armon Wiggins, and Chatty Patty Zeke

Nosey Heaux Live Clubhouse Discussion With Jennifer Hough.

If you were not on Clubhouse on Saturday night, then you missed it! Nosey Heaux Live held an open discussion, where she invited bloggers on both sides of the fence to discuss the lies being spread about

Nosey Heaux Live Interviews Jennifer Hough on Clubhouse

Jennifer Hough and her current lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty.

The room, Nosey Heaux Newsroom, reached over 700 viewers, got mysteriously shut down, and was still able to jump right back to around 700 listeners after re-opening, even though the room had been going for hours. There was honest dialogue, draggings, arguments, Amber Rose, Zeke, and most importantly, Jennifer Hough showed up to tell her own story.

I am not even going to attempt to cover everything that occurred in the room. But, I want to highlight Jennifer Hough discussing the alleged letter recanting her story, Black, allegations that she admitted Nicki Minaj never reached out to her, and Zeke, who claims to have served time with Kenneth "Zoo" Petty.


1994 Letter-Gate: Jennifer Hough Speaks On Nicki Minaj Lying About a Letter To Recant Rape Allegations Against Her Husband Kenneth Petty

Some of you may wonder why Jennifer is still talking about the 1994 rape incident? Well, for one, she is asked. Secondly, Nicki Minaj erroneously reported on Queen Radio that Jennifer wrote a letter to recant her story. This is a lie that people still repeat today, despite Jennifer denying the story. Nicki Minaj should have never felt comfortable talking on a matter that she admits in court papers occurred when she was only 12 years old. Shamefully, Nicki has made no attempts to correct that error, which leaves her open to speculation that the lie was part of a bigger plan. Purposely lying about that letter shows motive for why she and Kenny would want to contact Jennifer 26 years after his conviction. It is one thing to be married to a man falsely convicted of rape; it's another to knowingly marry a rapist when you are a brand.

When speaking on letter-gate, Jennifer pointed out that if she did write a letter, "He would have a hell of a lawsuit just off of that alone. Just off the fact that the judge knew I wrote a letter, supposedly, and told

me that if I go through with this, I'm going to put you in jail. That shit didn't make any sense."

I agree with Jennifer; shit doesn't make any sense. I remember asking why isn't Nicki linking up with Kim Kardashian to clear Kenny's names instead of marketing him as a goon who will beat up people for her. Oh, because there is no letter or threats of jail time if Jennifer recanted. Those are serious allegations to make not only against Jennifer but a judge.

Jennifer admitted that she did want to drop the charges at one point, but that was under duress. She and her family were receiving threats, so they tried pressuring her to just let it go. However, she never attempted to recant her story.

Kenny is currently suing New York, not for wrongful conviction, but because he wants to be considered a lower-level rapist. He doesn't even want to revisit that case. Jennifer was their Plan A; this lawsuit is their Plan B.

Jennifer did something smart Saturday night when she connected the dots between the lie Nicki Minaj told on Queen Radio and her being given a pre-written letter to sign recanting her story. Jennifer said,

"They showed up with a letter, already written up. They wanted me to go to the notary public, to the notary, and give them my ID and sign this paper; for why? To go along with whose narrative? Who is the ONLY person in the world that put out that I wrote a letter? Now, a year later, when your man is in trouble, now I have people coming to me with a letter, so you could be right. So you could be like, see, I told ya'll so. Regardless of what I've gone through."

When she said that I was like, Jennifer gets it but does Tyrone? That helps check off the "Why" part for a jury (if we get that far). People need to understand why Nicki and Kenny would want to contact someone who accused him of rape after all these years. Once you get people to understand what benefit the Pettys reap from contacting Jennifer, Tyrone can move on to the who, what, when, and where AKA showing the evidence.


Armon Wiggins Interviews Jennifer Hough on Clubhouse.

Armon Wiggins showed up and "got into some thangs." Nosey Heaux allowed him to ask a few questions, but I am only highlighting two of them. I really have nothing to add to the questions because he asked what he asked, and Jennifer said what she said. However, I do want to address common statements made around these types of questions.


  1. Rumors of Black being schizophrenic and does not know Nicki Minaj or Kenneth Petty

I hope Black has a doctor's note.


2. Claims that Jennifer admitted Nicki Minaj never reached out to her


3. When it comes to this case, people need to stop acting like what Jennifer needs to prove is impossible. Star Brim is being charged with setting up an attack from prison, Cardi B is accused of orchestrating an attack, Nicki allegedly had associates harass/intimidate Jennifer.

All of them are being accused of having others commit a crime for them. Yet, the same people claiming Cardi B is going to jail have a hard time believing that there is a way to connect Nicki to anyone said to have harassed Jennifer, even with an alleged phone call.

Is it an uphill battle to prove these types of cases...YES, but it is far from impossible. I mean, mob bosses have been locked up for things they did not directly do. I feel like people are making the premise of this case more complicated than it is. Remember, in civil cases, it's by the preponderance of the evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt.


Kenneth Petty's Associate, Zeke, Claims He Never Knew Zoo Was A Rapist. He Was on Clubhouse Saying Nicki Minaj Did Not Know.

One of the most compelling moments of the night was when Zeke hit the stage. Zeke claims he served time with Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, and he was shocked to learn that Kenneth is a sex offender. He kept going on about how not even Zoo's enemies spoke about it, and he questioned how Kenny was allowed to become a Big Mac Baller with that type of charge.

Zeke also shed some light on Kenneth's manslaughter conviction. He said Kenny killed a real street nigga

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Face Harassment Charges From Jennifer Hough.

and claimed that he did it to build up his street rep. Also, insinuated that may be the reason many ignored his rape conviction. But, what really caught my attention, was the claims that the guy Zoo killed had ties to 50 Cent's crew, which is interesting considering how Zoo was fanboy'n over 50 when he showed up to Queen Radio.

As it relates to Nicki Minaj, Zeke said Nicki was writing and sending Zoo collages of them together while he was locked up for the manslaughter charge. He said he does not believe Nicki knew about the rape case because Kenny allegedly complained that Nicki did not want to be with him cause him "catching a body" was not good for her image, no talks of a rape. Boy, how things have changed. This brings me to why Nicki convinced herself that Zoo's charges were no longer a bad look for her brand.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth "Zoo" Petty Are Fighting A Harassment Lawsuit From Jennifer Hough. Nicki Minaj Was Seen In Queen Driving A Pink Rolls Royce.
When this photo came out, fans asked Nicki Minaj to "blink twice" if she needs help.

Zeke repeated what we have been saying here since the Harper's Bazaar incident, where Cardi B tried to physically attack Nicki Minaj. She did not suddenly "fall in love" with Kenny; she fell in love with the PROTECTION he could provide. Anyone paying attention after the attempted attack knows that threats were being made to Nicki and Rah Ali by gang members, that included MEN. We also know that when Star Brim was released from prison, her first thought was Rah Ali. All of this because a security guy accidentally bumped his elbow into Cardi's head???? Hmmm...

Zeke said, "Star Brim at that point and time was the Queen. You heard me? So, of course, Nicki probably felt like I need some protection. At this point and time, the Mac Ballers was in the whip(?). It's dangerous for Nicki. You know, Nicki, you know what affects these artists is shows and appearances. So, now, you got a company that's gonna go[interrupted] cause she might get killed cause she beef'n with gang niggas. So what happens is, if I fck with a gang nigga, all this shit will smooth it out."

Also, Zeke mentioned that when Nicki Minaj went to hand out turkeys, Zoo showed up 200 strong to show he could protect her, and Nicki liked that. Now, I don't know about that 200 number, but we get the point.

The best chess move Cardi B ever played was throwing that shoe because it forced Nicki Minaj into the arms of Kenneth "Zoo" Petty. He probably secretly sends her "Thank you" cards.

* Zeke's identity is not confirmed. I am just reporting what I heard.


Jennifer Hough Is not Lying. Her Story Has Been Consistent and Wants Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty To Stop Lying On Her.

Anyways, it was an intriguing night in the room, if you were not there to troll. I want to add one last thing about Jennifer Hough. One thing I have noticed about how Jennifer tells her story is that she does not embellish. We all know that even the truth needs some glitter and sparkles, or people will go with the more sexy and exciting lie. However, she does not spice up her story at all. I have listened to her tell her side a few times, paying attention to if she starts to add anything, and she is consistent. She never tries to exaggerate her interaction with Nicki Minaj to rile up her supporters. She will even correct those who try to add stuff on her behalf. That is something I believe will play in her favor.


Nosey Heaux Live can be found at:


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You just want this to be true so bad because of your dislike towards Nicki. It shows on your write ups on this case. You refuse to acknowledge the inconsistency and the way Jen has switched up her story. I don’t think you understand what embellish means. I also don’t think you understand what directly and indirectly means. It‘s what she is suing Nicki for. She stated Nicki never directly harassed her or threatened her. The indirectly part she needs to prove the connection with Black to Nicki & Kenny. Her text messages to family members her getting a text message of the screen shot of a text message of a contact saved as “wifey” is not solid evidence…


26 de out. de 2021

@Yaya do you think Meg shot herself and don’t remember because she was highly intoxicated?

26 de out. de 2021
Respondendo a



Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
26 de out. de 2021

Running over here repeating what you heard on Barbra channels does not change my points, which like always, many avoid even trying to address.

Respondendo a

there are ppl on YouTube who speaks about cases with celebrities… no matter who it is because that’s the content they choose to make. I guess they must be barbs as well lmfao.


u re very funny, I don’t even know why people in this comment section re trying to explain stuff too u? Like who d F re u? U re a nobody.. and ur takes and thinkpieces only stays in this blog.. no reasonable person will take ur Bullshit serious.. there is no way in hell u listen to that club house audio and not question this victim story? Since she started this harrasment claim she didn’t include big fendi now all of a sudden big fendi is included. when she realize that they debunk her lies about kenny phone been with the feds she later changed it to big fendi Sent nicki number to black . we were all ang…


Lol yaya you must be trolling if you think Jennifer in that room Saturday was a good idea for her case, the lady say I know that Kenny got connection with black so I think he was sent by them but I don’t really know but her lawsuit tell another story… she accused nicki and Kenny to directly harassing and threatening her but in the room she claimed they didn’t do that, like now it’s big fendi who sent the number not Kenny, in her lawsuit she said nicki offer 20k and a birthday video for her 16 year old daughter but in the room she said to armon that it’s false it’s black who offer 20k and wanted a…

Respondendo a

The other lawyer he’s the white version of Tyrone unfortunately he already start lying like Tyrone by saying nicki spent day on Twitter insulting Jennifer like wtf Nicki never spoke about that actual case on social media. Both lawyers don’t care about Jennifer they try to build their reputation with that case against a huge celebrity. I wonder why Lisa bloom turned down Jennifer like Jennifer say it’s maybe because there is no case 🌚🤷🏽‍♀️ but Tyrone was thirsty enough to took it and change Jennifer own complaint to fit his narrative which is bad because this is not Jennifer words

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