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How Much Pressurelicious Did Megan Thee Stallion Put On Nicki Minaj And Cardi B To Drop Albums?


I want to have a Lil Friday roundtable discussion before you numbers-obsessed people drop whatever critical thinking skills you have and start spouting out Spotify numbers all over the place.

"Traumazine" is getting high marks by not only music publications but fans. That counts when it comes to the Grammys, other awards, and legacy. Now, if Megan and her team can keep the promo run up for at

least two weeks, not the one-week and dip shit most artists do, then I think this album can go far. They need to work it like Doja's team worked "Planet Her" because people forget that album had a rocky start.

While we do not know how good this album will do, I think it is safe to say Megan has avoided the sophomore slump. Now, it's time for the other two "Queens" to deliver.

We spoke about the "race to the crown" earlier in the year. It got a lil boring, but now things are heating up at the tail end of summer.


Question: How much pressure-licious is there on Nicki Minaj and Cardi B to drop albums SOON with Megan getting favorable reviews for "Traumazine?" Can you claim Queen status if you keep dropping "lead singles," but no album???


Updated: 8/13 11:13 AM PST

To the person or anyone who has a problem with me posing the question about Nicki's need to put out an album, besides her needing to take her own advice and "shit or get off the pot," some still do not believe Nicki has a Hip Hop moment or classic cause of her time spent pleasing Pop fans.


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