In this episode of "As The Blogs Turns," Cardi B is accusing Onsite! of posting fake imessages between her

and another blog, DailyTeaTalks. In the messages posted by Onsite, Ole Girl is upset that DailyTeaTalks posted a photo of her looking like a water buffalo while out in L.A. In the alleged messages she threatened to have the owner beat up and even said she knows where his mother stays. Also, Ole Girl called the owner a "monkey." Cardi is claiming that Onsite forged these messages, but what about those voice notes...

Ole Girl tweeted the "real" messages between her and this DailyTeaTalk blog:

Ole went to IG to say she will be suing Rah after finding out that a "Lexi Diamond" is the one who sent the messages.

Ok, this is an ongoing story and I will just have to update y'all later.

But, the important part of this whole story is that this DailyTeaTalks blog works for Ole Girl. The owner comes off like a stan, not an independent blog. I don't know if this blog is big or not, but as far as i am concern it has been exposed. Also, for Ole Girl to go off on a blog that obviously wants to keep her happy, that probably is not a smart move. Don't bite the hand that blogs for you sweetie.


Cardi deleted her proof off of IG and went to Twitter to "debunk" Onsite's claims:

As I said, the good part of this story is her relationship with this blog.

Was this a rollout? This whole thing was weird...nvm.

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