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Is Flo Milli x SZA About to Break the Internet with a "Never Lose Me" Remix?

Is the universe aligning to bless us with another iconic Black Girl collab? With the hard-to-ignore clues Flo Milli and SZA are dropping on social media, it looks that way. 



First, go peep SZA's Instagram stories where she's vibing in the studio to Flo Milli's breakout hit "Never Lose Me," then head over to Flo's Twitter (X), where today she shared a screenshot of SZA sending her the

SZA sends Flo Milli lyrics for Never Lose Me Remix

lyrics to a verse she's working on..."He speed inna jeep w his hand on my booty / he touchin on me I get goofy / from the burbs so I'm actin so bougie..."

You don't need Ms. Cleo to figure out that SZA is lending her honeyed vocals to Flo Milli's buttery track. 

What I appreciate about this collaboration as a fan is that it does not come off as forced chart-chasing – this is two powerhouse artists, fresh off the success of their own individual ventures (SZA's "S.O.S." still dominating the charts, thank you very much!), coming together to create a Black girl moment that will resonate with fans on a whole new level. It's about artistic synergy, mutual respect, and pushing boundaries, all while celebrating their shared identity.

But, since I did mention charts, "Never Lose Me" is on fire across various platforms:

  • Apple Music (All Genres) - #25

  • Shazam Top 200 (All Genres) - #26

  • TikTok Billboard Top 50 (All Genres) - #1

  • Rhythmic and Urban Radio Add - #1

  • Hot 100 - #42

I'm prepared for Flo Milli and SZA to break the internet with this remix.


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