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Is Mulatto The New Feature Queen And Nicki Minaj Shows Mulatto Love On Twitter

Female rapper Mulatto is the feature Queen


In September, I tweeted, "Is Mulatto going to duplicate Nicki Minaj's 2010 feature run?" As you can imagine, ONLY Nicki Minaj fans read that as a diss to Nicki. The non-messy bottoms realized that artists go on runs that are reminiscent of other artists all the time and a comparison is not a diss to either side.

Ever since Mulatto signed with RCA Records back in March, she has been a prime example of show me, don't tell me. Instead of spending her time talking about how she signed to a major label, she spent all her time showing why RCA signed her.

In 2010, Nicki Minaj went on a crazy 11 feature run where she made other people's songs into her song. Ten years later, Mulatto is putting on a similar show. In 2020, Mulatto has dropped 12 features and has been outshining the lead artists, in my humble opinion.

Nothing changed after 2 Chainz dropped "Quarantine Thick" with Mulatto. She showed why she is becoming a female rap fave among fans. She even gave fans a very Nicki-ish flow switch when she sped it up and rapped:

If Mulatto were a male rapper, she would be mentioned all over Everyday Struggle, and the media would be tweeting about how she owned 2020. Well, I will give her the flowers she deserves. I think Mulatto has been the top feature artist of 2020. Her songs may not have gotten as much hype as other artists, but she definitely has been coming through with the verses.


Speaking of Mulatto and Nicki Nicki acknowledged Mulatto for showing her love in a past interview. Nicki tweeted, "My baby Big Latto. Sending all that love right back. She's dope." I am sure Nicki has seen the work Mulatto has been putting in this year.

Needless to say, Mulatto was excited by that shout out. She said she was saving the Instagram Live, so you can watch the full video on her IG page, but below is a clip.


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